Finally Get Paid

Phase I : Finally Get Paid Step-by-Step Instructions

Phase I: Finally Get Paid - Step-By-Step Instructions

The sole purpose of this Information is to give it's readers what they need to stop wasting their time and money... Step-by-Step Instructions to Finally Get Paid!

These instructions were created to give the user the quickest and easiest steps to generate an automatic monthly recurring income.

All income paid out is generated from actual sales of products and services

This is not a hoax, ponzi scheme, or scam.  This is nothing more than a great opportunity to make real money, I challenge you to try it, and I bet everything you previously thought about making money online will be literally blown out of your mind!

OK...enough of that, let's get you started.

Please read the entire post before starting!

First of all, Follow All of These Steps "To The Letter" Take Your Time And Get It Right, and don't worry, you will finally get paid.


Get a PayPal Account, if you already have one, good. If you need to get one, go to the following link and click sign up at the top of the page then beneath the Premier option click Get Started.  This is very easy, just follow the instructions.

Sign up for PayPal and start 
accepting credit card payments 

If you can't get or don't want a PayPal Account, get a AlertPay Account


Go to the following web address: (If you have already joined skip this step)

Read the instructions and fill out the form. Make sure you use the same email address that you signed up for your PayPal account. ( Your PayPal Login ) You will get an email from Bruce Castro with your Personal ID No. and a link to your personalized website, if it's not in your inbox, check you junk mail.(You may get a pop-up window with this information, if so, save it)


You should now have your Personal ID No. and a link to your new website. Now go to your website and Bookmark it. STOP THERE! Pause the video that starts if you like.

Don't worry about reading anything just yet, we'll get to that in Phase II but if you would like to get a better understanding of ASN thoroughly read all of the training pages.

This guide is a direct shortcut to generating easy income using the ASN system.

I'm making this as simple as possible for you, so please be patient.


  Earning Points on Auto-Pilot

Site Maintenance and Activation Options

Subscribe to this option.

This will get you 15 points a month automatically

The Recurring site
maintenance option earns

15 points per each month
For a variety of
reasons, ranging from the limitations of
available Free Trials and Services in the
country in which they live, to the fact that
they simply choose
to concentrate on building a strong downline
rather than worrying about earning points
many members know that as a matter of course
they will always want to utilize site
maintenance.  If this describes you, this
is for you.
For a monthly
charge of only $24.95
rather than the normal $30, you never have to
worry about earning enough points to qualify.

The recurring $25 Maintenance Option assures you
that every month you automatically EARN , at least, 

  • The Fast Start Bonus
  • The Eagle Bonus
  • Group Bonus (Overrides on your downline)
  • The Mentor Bonus
The reason for the discount on the recurring
options is to put the system on auto pilot. 
This makes it easier for members to concentrate
on building a downline rather than earning
points and it simplifies our accounting and
tracking.  Hence the discount.

But a few members have purchased the recurring
option for the discount and then canceled the
recurring aspect, almost immediately,... then
next month, purchased it again and then, 
again, immediately canceled.  This kind of
activity actually dramatically increases our
accounting and tracking costs. In order to avoid
this issue in the future...

Of course, any member can always cancel at any time...

However, if the recurring payment is being used
simply with the intent of receiving the
discount, as evinced by the act of canceling and
without allowing, at least, one subsequent
automatic charge,

the points allotted for that option will be
reduced to 12.

If the actual intent is to use the site maintenance
only on an as needed basis, rather than an
actual auto pilot basis, Please simply use the

  $30 Site Maintenance Option-


Remember, even on monthly subscriptions, please
copy and paste each payment into your point
confirmation link.

Click Here To Subscribe Now!

You're probably thinking that this is crazy but the money I'm setting you up to make is even crazier! So let's move on.

After subscribing, you will get a confirmation email. Copy the entire email, including the purchase price, time and date stamp.

Now do as before and copy and paste the following link, replacing the " ****** " with your Personal ID No. and go to that page.******/Member_Point_Confirmation.htm

Detailed instructions are also given there.

Under 1 Company Info - type " Site Maintenance "

Under 2 Approx Points - type " 15 "

Under 3
Copy and Paste the Confirmation Email etc... - Paste your email confirmation in that box.

Once you have completed the confirmation submission the "Hard Part" is done.

***Note*** Your Site Maintenance Subscription is a Monthly Recurring Charge of $25.00 and YOU MUST SUBMIT A CONFIRMATION EMAIL EVERY MONTH!***

You Must Do This To Get Paid!

Step 4:

Contact Just Two of your closest friends or family members and have them follow the same steps that you have taken here.

Remember to give them a copy of these instructions after you make the following change.

For Step 2, Be sure to Replace the BT6143 with your Personal ID No. Before you pass these instructions along.

To ensure that you have the best possible results, keep in touch with your 2 referrals to make sure they have followed all of the instructions and that they also pass this along to their 2 referrals as soon as they can.

If you experience any problems or have any questions, send me an email with Finally Get Paid in the Subject Line.

Your Main Goal is to Get this 10 levels below you, which can be accomplished pretty quickly.

You will have a total of 1024 members in your down-line at your tenth level. Sounds like a lot but remember everyone knows at least two people and this is as about as easy as it gets to be able to generate Automatic Cash every month.

Think for a minute...OK, I spend $25.00 a month to make at least $2900.00 a month!

Yes you read that correctly, $2900.00 a month, every month!

And this is done with very little (Almost None) work.

If you need to make more, then just give this to more people, it's that simple.

***To Check How Your Downline Is Growing***

Go to your new website's Home page that you bookmarked earlier in Step 2 and click on Member Login in the upper right corner of the page. Use your Personal ID No. and password that you created when you signed up. You will be then taken to your Members area.

Now click on View Downline on the top left side of the page, right below Edit Info, then click Build The Report. This will show you your entire downline at all levels.

Now a little about how this actually works...

You have just connected with a very large network that provides a multitude of products and services that we all use on a daily basis.

When anyone pays for any of these products and services or signs up for any free trials or free quotes, the company (All Solutions Network) gives back 80% of the profits to all of its qualifying members by way of Commissions, Bonuses and Group Overrides.

In this Phase we are creating Group Overrides for now.

So basically anytime we use our free website we earn points which valuate to cash. The more we use our website the more points we accumulate, therefore the more money we earn.

I have not gone into detail about all of this yet, but I will in Phase II of these Instructions because there's a lot more money to be made.

Phase I was created to get you making good money automatically from the start, with minimal effort.

Please be patient, you'll get there!

***These Instructions are only optional and provide a shortcut method for generating an automated passive monthly income***

***The ASN system is and always will be Totally Free to its members.  To earn money using the free methods, go to your ASN website and follow all of the training provided.***

Below I have put an example of how following these instructions will make you money.

Legal disclaimer:
Following are a couple of hypothetical representations of the income that would be derived under a certain set of circumstances. These are in no way intended to be an estimate of the income that you can expect to earn. Actual incomes will vary depending on your personal activities and those of your downline.
Assume the following:
You open 2 stores. Those 2 stores open 2 each, and then they open 2 stores each, etc... through 10 levels with each generating just $20 each per month. Following is what your organization would look like and what you would earn...

This is where your Recurring Subscription to the Site Maintenance Option comes in.(Automatic 15 Points per Month)

Assume 15 Points per each site.

You Give Away 2 Stores so now have 2 in your 1st Level. x $15.00 Pnts = 30 x 10% = $3.00
Each First Level member gives away 2 for 4 in your 2nd Level. x $15.00 Pnts = 60 x 5% = $3.00
Each Second Level member give away 2 for 8 in your 3rd Level. x $15.00 Pnts = 120 x 5% = $6.00
Each Third Level member give away 2 for 16 in your 4th Level. x $15.00 Pnts = 240 x 5% = $12.00
Each of Your Fourth Level members give away 2 for 32 in your 5th Level. x $15.00 Pnts = 480 x 6% = $28.80
Each of Your Fifth Level members give away 2 for 64 in your 6th Level. x $15.00 Pnts = 960 x 7% = $67.20
Each of Your Sixth Level members give away 2 for 128 in your 7th Level. x $15.00 Pnts = 1,920 x 8% = $153.60
Each of Your Seventh Level members give away 2 for 256 in your 8th Level. x $15.00 Pnts = 3,840 x 9% = $345.60
Each of Your Eighth Level members give away 2 for 512 in your 9th Level. x $15.00 Pnts = 7,680 x 10% = $768.00
Each of Your Ninth Level members give away 2 for 1024 in your 10th Level x $15.00 Pnts = 15,360 x 10% = $1,536.00

For this minimal amount of duplicated effort, you will earn per month.


Last but most definitely not least, let's talk about your payout.

For Group Overrides you will always get paid at the end of the month, between the 28th and 30th or 31st for the points that you and your down-line have accumulated in the prior month.

Any points earned in...let's say August, will be paid out at the end of September.

This is why it is very important to try and fill your 10 levels as soon as possible to get the entire lump sum.

Even if you don't quite make it, you still will be paid for what you have accomplished, just keep working at it.

Payments will go directly to your PayPal account or AlertPay Account if you have that instead.

When you see that you have gotten 2 payments, don't be alarmed because the second payment will be your Infinity Bonus, no I haven't talked about that yet but I will in the Phase II Instructions, so just enjoy for now.

Once again, please be patient and give this at least 3 months to see results.  If you have followed all of these instructions you will make money!

Well this will conclude Phase I of the Finally Get Paid Step-by-Step Instructions.

Look out for Phase II coming soon.

God Bless

Bryan T.

How The ASN System Works

This post is for anyone who would like to know more about the ASN system and how it works and how it will make you real money...Guaranteed!

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A Welcome To New Members

I would just like to give a big welcome to all of my new members for the month of August.  Remember that it really pays to be a part of this great network and all you have to do is take action!

This is one of the few online opportunities that really delivers what it promises and requires a minimal effort to generate a very nice income.

This is your business so treat it as such, take the time to learn everything you can about it and always help and motivate your downline.  This is how we make our network grow, and when our network grows so does our earnings...ALL MEMBERS ARE GUARANTEED TO MAKE MONEY!  Just follow all of the instructions and training.

Go ahead and get your 2 referrals now!  Why wait?  You have nothing to lose! And everything to gain!

Good Luck